Children from birth through age 4 are welcome in the Nursery. Loving & qualified staff care for our youngest disciples & use hands-on learning activities to teach Bible stories, learn Bible songs & more. Cell phone monitoring is available.

Children age 4 through 5th grade attend BLASt (Bible Learning Adventure Stations). Each Sunday student rotate to a new station which presents the Bible lesson in its unique way. Stations include movies, storytelling, art, cooking, computers, drama, Bible games and more. This allows our students to experience new ways of learning truths from the Bible.

6th through 8th grade students will be Jr. Counselors for our BLASt program. They will assist during hands on activities in the classroom. As Jr. Counselors mature and become comfortable with teachers and students, they may become more engaged in the delivery of parts of the lesson.

Teenagers have a class of their own at 11:00 AM – their discussion varies from paralleling the sermon series, to a book of the Bible, to a “hot topic” in the teen’s lives.