Christianity 101*

The Gateway to Encountering God  …

doorway-unpaintedAll kinds of people in all kinds of cultures over thousand of years have come to the humbling conclusion that there really is a God who made us, who loves us, and who we can know right now.  But we can’t experience God on our own terms just as we can’t truly experience another person on our own terms… we don’t get to make up the God we want, but we can encounter the God who is.  This God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, is a disturbing God.  Encountering this God will not leave you unchanged.

Christianity is about a way of living life in relationship with God.  Like any relationship it includes believing and doing.  I believe certain things about the people I love.  The more accurate my perception of them, the better I am able to know them and love them.  But real love is not just belief or empty words – it also involves action – doing real acts of love.  So what I believe and what I do really matters.  Could it be that just as there are physical principles (like the law of gravity) that govern the physical universe, so too there are basic spiritual principles which were meant to govern my soul ?  What if there was a path waiting for me, a path not of my own making, but made by the one who made me ?!

Here are some stepping stones on the way to growing in a relationship with God.  These steps are part of an ancient path – they are the essentials of what Christians have believed, across different centuries, cultures, denominations, and languages.  They form Christianity 101.  Think of them as a series of doorways to step through.  If you can embrace the first principle, then you are ready to step through the door to the next principle.  Clicking on a principle will take you to a fuller explanation of it.  See how far you are ready to go!

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But if that is true,
Why is it that most people are not experiencing this relationship with God ?

 But if that is true,
How can this gulf be bridged ?

 But if that is true,
Then why am I still separated from God ?


                            But how do I do that ?

                            Now What ?




Going Deeper:

        Why even bother with religion ?

What about all the horrible things that  have been done in the name of religion ?

        The Narrow Path

        Tell me more about what your particular church believes


* We are indebted to the work of Dr. Bill Bright for several of the concepts and illustrations that appear in our Christianity 101 pages.