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Sunday November 4

Sunday November 11

Sunday November 18

Sunday Lunch Gatherings @ 12:30 PM 

This course can help you on the journey of faith in a number of ways:

    • Meet other people who are new to our church
      Becoming part of a new church can be hard.  It can feel awkward being the new kid on the block.  Here you will get to meet other folks who are also new to our church.  Langdon Palmer will lead the class so this is also a chance to get to know our Pastor.
    • Christianity 101
      We will explore the basics of the faith and what it means to be a Christian
    • Learn about our particular Church
      This is a great way to quickly learn about our history, our beliefs, our mission and our membership.
    • Gateway to membership
      You can just come to the class to learn about our church with no obligations, but you can also use it as a step to becoming an official member of our church – which allows you to vote for leaders and serve as a leader, and so shape the direction of our church.


  1. We will meet over lunch for three Sundays: November 4, November 11 and November 18. Child care will be available for children up to age 5.  Register by contacting the church office at 215-482-0293 or office@levpres.org.  This course is free and all materials will be provided at the first class.  Depending on size, we either meet in the Library or the Ellison Room – both of which are right off of Westminster Hall (where the Cafe is held).
  2. Our Schedule will be:
    • 12:30 PM November 4th What does it mean to be a Christian? Christianity 101.  What do we have in common with other Christians down through the ages and around the globe?
    • 12:30 PM November 11thWhat does it mean to be a Presbyterian ?
      What was the Reformation all about anyway?  What makes the Presbyterian Church unique both in terms of beliefs and practices?
    • 12:30 PM November 18thWhat does it mean to be a member of Leverington Church? What is unique about our particular church?  What is the vision? How do I get involved?  What opportunities and groups are there?  What does church membership mean?

      Then for those wishing to move on to membership:

    • Tuesday November 20th @ 6:30 PM – Dinner with the Elders
    • Sunday November 25th at either service:  Reception in the the congregation as new members.


Call the church office at 215-482-0293 or email Lora at Office@levpres.org







Homework – Write your Statement of Faith / Plan to attend November 20th meeting w/ Elders


What if I am not sure what to believe ?

If this is you, maybe the article we give to our teenagers when they are facing Confirmation will be helpful.
The question “Should I get confirmed?” is pretty similar to “Should I join the Church?”
You can read it here