Our second service, called “Gate Street”, gathers at 11:00 AM every Sunday.  It is a fresh, modern expression of vintage faith that many singles and young families are finding feels like home to them.  Our Sunday School and Nursery are offered at the same time, so there is something for every age.  Great music, great fun, and a sermon that is both encouraging and challenging.  This service also gives you a chance to be quiet and still and get re-fueled for the week ahead.

We hope you can join us!

Want to learn more about the theological and philosophical foundations of this service?

Watch a short video


This service is part of an exciting grass roots movement that is called by several names including “Ancient-Future Church” and “Deep Church.”  It tends to be experimental and eclectic – connecting new music to ancient spiritual disciplines.  It has a culture where Orthodoxy and Mystery meet, where doctrine and the arts and whole-person faith are celebrated together.  Our desire is to create a gathering where the grace and beauty of God is so obvious and so present that lives are deeply changed.

It will include times of intense loud worship and times of deep long silence.  It will include practical teaching and times where you can go off to a quiet place to pray and meditate.  It will be connected to hands-on mission in our neighborhood and in our world.

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It will be hard to imagine before you experience it!  You can get a rough idea of the feel of our new service by watching the first couple minutes of this video which includes a brief glimpse from a similar service our Pastor helped create at a church several years ago.


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Attention worship leaders and Musicians