Our church seeks to make a difference in the world in the following ways:

Children in Morocco

Clyde & Naomi Hiestand have lived as Jesus in the Middle East for over 40 years.  They teach English and help believers provide for unwed mothers and orphans there.

Olympic Level Athletes World Wide

Carl & Noreen Dambman have served with Athletes in Action since the fall of the Berlin Wall, when they entered Russia to begin work with world-class athletes there. They continue to develop Christian sports leaders, and work providing pastoral care at World Cup, Olympics, and other international sporting events.

US National Leaders and Embassies

Nan McCullough had served in the Christian Embassy in Washington DC with her late husband Sam, providing Bibles studies and support for Christian leaders in governments and Embassies in Washington. In addition, Nan now is writing books on Christian Entertaining for Eternity, and starting a new ministry directed toward widows and widowers, as she has experienced and grown through the loss of Sam.

University Leaders & Students Worldwide

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel ministered for many years in Colombia both with university students and teaching in the Biblical Seminary.  They now continue serving with Intervarsity and Latin America Mission (now United World Mission) leading retreats and teaching.  Jack was past president of LAM, and Mary Anne was Prayer Leader for several triennial Urbana Missions Conferences. 

Hispanic Churches in Miami

Victor & Elaine Rodriguez serve with Christ for Miami. They offer bilingual (English-Spanish) counseling and pastoral care. They work under Christ for Miami which ministers to pastors and churches through pastors’ prayer groups and the annual Miami Pastors’ Prayer Summit.

Presbyterian World Mission – Nadia Ayoub

The Roma (formerly called Gypsies) are one of the most marginalized groups in Europe. Nadia, born into a Christian family in Egypt, and now an ordained Presbyterian minister from NJ, has been working in various ministries with children, and currently works in the Ukraine with the Roma people, providing early childhood care with other mission volunteers.


Liz Loffler helped develop a self-perpetuating Women’s Bible training course that has discipled thousands of women across Russia, and is now working on establishing a similar program in China.


Paul and Kristin Humber and their family have spent the first part of 2016 involved in various events promoting mother tongue Scriptures. They have been involved in the civili language project since its beginning and live in Pointe Noire, Republic of the Congo.

Literacy & Evangelism International

Bob Biederman lives in Tulsa, OK with wife Ana and four children. Ana is from Brazil where she started a large flourishing literacy program over which Ana still gives supervision. Bob is the LEI Director for North America, directs our International Literacy Training Institute and other trainings, and assists in the US and other countries in developing literacy and ELM (English Language Ministry materials.

Outreach to Iranians Living in Washington, D.C.

Steve and Kathi Amar have been serving with Christar among the Iranian population in Washington, D.C. area since 2001. The population of Iranians in the D.C. Metro area is believed to be as high as 250,000. With many Iranians disillusioned with Islam and turning to Christ, the Amars’ goal is to help them come to Christ, disciple Iranian Believers, and facilitate a church planting movement among them in the D.C. Metro area and beyond-including Iran.


Chuck Schwartz is a full-time missionary who travels from a home-base in Philadelphia to Russia several times a year. During the year, Chuck helps provide ministry training as well as biblical and theological education to church leaders. The purpose of the training is to increase personal evangelism and the multiplication of new churches. Chuck also assists with financial, technical, and logistical aid to indigenous Christian leaders. Chuck’s role when at home or in Russia is one of advocate for these leaders so that they may minister more effectively to those among their own people groups, leading to spiritual birth and growth in Christ for individual persons and the church.