LPC Pipe Organ

Leverington Presbyterian Church has a rich heritage of organ music throughout its history. Two large façades flank both sides of the chancel altar. For years, the church sang hymns, listened to organ solos, and was accompanied by a two-manual, 24-rank pipe organ built by Mudler-Hunter pipe organ company. However, in the early 2000’s, it was clear that the original organ was in a poor and unreliable condition. A new organ was needed to continue the mission and goals of the music department. In 2004, an organ committee was formed to test different organs in the region and to decide which organ builder would be the best fit for Leverington to fix their failing organ.

In 2006, Allen Organ Company of Macungie, Pennsylvania was chosen not only for their excellent craftsmanship, but also for their flexibility. In wanting to keep the salvageable pipes from the previous organ, Allen Organ installed a hybrid organ- an organ that not only

has pipe stops, but also has digital ranks as well. This allowed the new organ to be able to successfully carry out a wider array of organ and choral literature.The 24 Mudler-Hunter pipe ranks and 79 Allen digital voices are each controlled by individual drawknobs. The console features rosewood sharps on the manuals and pedals, rosewood rocker tablets, rosewood drawknob faces with maple stems, and Skinner-style key cheeks. The manual naturals are Ivora. Cathedral-style side panel moldings complement the inspired console design. An adjustable bench, adjustable music rack and console dolly are finished to match the console’s exterior finish, which is custom-matched to the existing woodwork of the sanctuary. Most of the 12-channel digital audio is located behind the pipe façades, in and near the pipe chambers.

64 Resultant
32 Contre Bourdon
32 Contra Violone
16 Diapason
16 Gedeckt
16 Bourdon
16 Bourdon doux (Sw)
16 Contra Gamba (So)
16 Violone
8 Principal
8 Octave
8 Bass Flute
8 Bourdon
8 Gedacktflöte
8 Gamba (Solo)
4 Prestant
4 Choralbass
4 Fife
4 Flûte
2 Octave
IV Fourniture
IV Mixture
32 Contre Bombarde
32 Contre Dbl. Trumpet (Gt)
16 Bombarde
16 Double Trumpet (Gt)
8 Trompette
4 Clarion
2nd Voices/PipesPrinzipal
Pipes onlyPipes only
Pipes only
Pipes onlyPipes onlyPipes onlyPipes only
Pipes onlyPosaune
16 Bourdon doux
8 Geigen Diapason
8 Bourdon
8 Gedeckt
8 Flute Celeste II
8 Erzähler
8 Viola
8 Viola Celeste
8 Salicional
8 Voix Celeste
4 Principal
4 Octave Geigen
4 Rohrflöte
4 Traverse Flute
2-2/3 Nasard
2 Octavin
2 Flautino
2 Piccolo
1-3/5 Tierce
IV Fourniture
III Plein jeu
16 Contre Trompette
8 Trompette
8 Hautbois
8 Vox Humana
4 Clairon
16 Swell to Swell
Swell Unison Off
4 Swell to Swell
English Swell
English Swell/PipesOpen DiapasonPipes only
Erzähler Celeste II
Pipes only
Pipes only
Pipes only
Viole d’Orchestre
Viole Celeste
Pipes only
Pipes onlyPipes only
Pipes onlyMixture V
Pipes only
Double Trumpet
Orchestral Oboe
Vox Humana
(in Swell chamber)
16 Double Diapason
16 Bourdon
8 Principal
8 Diapason
8 Bourdon
8 Gedeckt
8 Harmonic Flute
8 Gamba
4 Prestant
4 Octave
4 Spitzflute
4 Harmonic Flute
2-2/3 Twelfth
2-2/3 Nazard
2 Super Octave
2 Fifteenth
2 Waldflute
IV Mixture
III Cymbale
III Sharp Mixture
16 Double Trumpet
8 Tromba
2nd Voices/PipesQuintatonPipes only
PrinzipalPipes only
MetalgedacktPipes only
OktavPipes only
Sesquialtera II
Pipes only
Pipes only

Pipes only


SOLO (no pipes)
16 Gamba Celeste II
8 Flauto Mirabilis
8 Solo Gamba
8 Gamba Celeste
4 Gambette Celeste II
16 Trompeta Real
8 Trompeta Real
8 French Horn
8 Corno d’Bassetto
8 Cor Anglais
4 Trompeta Real
CHOIR (no pipes)
16 Contra Viole
8 Holzgedackt
8 Viole
8 Viole Celeste
4 Prinzipal
4 Koppelflöte
4 Violes II
2 Oktav
1-1/3 Quintflöte
III Cymbale
16 Bass Clarinet
8 Petite Clarinette