In Tolkein’s “The Lord of the Rings”,  a band of friends sets out together, and encourage each other towards virtue and courage.  In the same way, real Christianity could be called “The Fellowship of the King“, because we too are called to encourage each other towards virtue and courage – for we have been adopted into the the household of the one true King.  And we have been sent out to be about His business.

The book of James  was written for those willing to take such a journey.  It is one of the most practical and challenging books of the New Testament.   This Fall, join us at Leverington Church in the Roxborough area of the city for an immersive eight week adventure.  Each Sunday from October 8th through November 26, Langdon Palmer will give a talk on a section of James.  Then that week, we will discuss the scriptures together in small groups throughout the area.  We will find that James calls upon us to Seize the Day – to live it with fierce joy for God.  Podcasts will be available, and each Sunday will be a stand-alone experience, so join us when you can!

Listen to a podcast on:

James 1:1-18  The Fellowship of the King

James 1:18-27  The Mirror of God’s Word

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Oct 08   James 1:1-18 – Facing Problems

Oct 15   James 1:19-27 – Facing the Bible

Oct 22   James 2:1-9 – Facing People

Oct 29   James 2:14-24 – Facing Being vs. Doing

Nov 05   James 3:1-6 – Facing our own mouth

Nov 12   James 4:1-12 – Facing the World

Nov 19   James 5:1-6 – The Generosity Thing

Nov 26   James 5:7-16 – The Art of Patience

Dec 03   Advent 1

Dec 10   Advent 2

Dec 17   Advent 3

Dec 24   Christmas Eve