A chance to jump start your sense of connection to community and grow in your faith.

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Many of us like the idea of this, but we also have crazy schedules and don’t see how to fit another thing in!  So this Fall we are offering a manageable small group introduction that will allow you to try it out without getting locked in forever.  Meet once a week for eight weeks with a great group of people from our church! This will be an opportunity to hang out and get to know other folks while learning practical skills for building biblical community into your life.


Starting the week of September 29th, there will be groups running in homes around our area and during Education Hour on Sundays.  There should be a group that will be a good fit for you.  Most of our groups will be going deeper on our current Sunday morning series

Click here to see a calendar of small groups.
Space is limited for each group, so sign up as soon as possible.
To sign up for a group, see the sign-up sheets at the Help Desk in the Sanctuary this Sunday.
Or you can send an email right now to Lora

Resources for Small Group Leaders

Our Small Group Philosophy

Our goal is to try to give everyone a chance to join small groups, while at the same time keeping the sense of community in a small group that is up and running.  To meet both of these objectives, our small groups have definite start and stop dates.   They run for a season, typically 8 to 12 weeks, then open enrollment begins again.  This means you aren’t locked in forever if you join a small group.  At the end, you can leave and take a break, or try another small group, or you can  just keep re-upping with the same small group.  We do tend to cap a small group at 8 to 12 people, so sign up early to make sure you get in the group you want.  If the small groups that work for you are already full this time, no worries, you will be able to sign up for a small group the next time around.

Got Questions?

Contact Lora:




Lora will get back to you about what groups still have spots open.  Join us for this fun, faith-building, friendship growing experience!