01 – The Preface – Proverbs 16

Ever been haunted by a train of thoughts you knew were no good for you ? Ever want to meet C.S. Lewis? We do both as we hear Lewis read from the Preface of the Great Divorce about how the choices we make shape who we become. We look at Proverbs 16 and Romans 13:12-14 and how both they and Lewis call us to go against the flow of our own thoughts when they would pull us away from the good of God.

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 02 – The Big Man – Luke 18:9-17

What if there was a wall in your mind that was keeping you from crossing over into the wide open spaces of an intimate relationship with God ? It turns out that the idea that we have any rights before God is a wall that shuts us out from the very thing we want. We look at the story of THE BIG MAN in The Great Divorce and discover how to be out of excuses and into grace.

Class 2 Worksheet

03 – The Bishop – 2 Timothy 3:1-17

In this third sermon in the Great Divorce series we move from the basic sins of the Big Man to the sins of intellect of the Bishop. We discover a man who views him self as very religious yet doesnt even realize he is living in Hell. Not all spirituality leads us to Jesus. There are ways of understanding faith, Jesus, and the scriptures that are so distorted that they actually lead us away from Jesus. The scriptures are full of warnings about false teachers. In our own day we can feel the pressure to conform our beliefs to what is currently in vouge, what is considered thoughtful, tolerant, reasonable … even if it is actually none of those things. We look at 2 Timothy 3:1-17 and discover a practical way to uncover the assumptions of the strand of heresy C.S. Lewis personified in the bishop – the very strand we are most in danger of swallowing in our day.

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04 – Ikey and the Hard-bitten man – Isaiah 61:10

Do I lean towards Optimism, Do I lean towards Pessimism, Or do I lean on Jesus? Today we discover that two very common sense approaches to life actually keep us from seeing the Kingdom of God. We take a look at two characters in the Great Divorce, Ikey the Business Man and the Hard-bitten man in order to avoid two dead-end streets. We end with the incredible words of Isaiah 61:10 which show us the way to live which is life indeed!

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