Each week, the Sunday morning worship service will be available at 5:00 am Sunday morning.
Each week, read the assigned scripture prior to Sunday and write down your own answers to that week’s question.

Read by Scripture Question to ask yourself prior to Sunday Watch entire serviceListen to SermonGroup
Sunday 4/19 1:1-2 Why should I care about this book? WatchListenPDF
Sunday 4/26 1:3-12 Where can I find hope in these days? WatchListenPDF
Sunday 5/03 1:13-2:3 What does a Christian way of life look like? Part 1 WatchListenPDF
Sunday 5/10 2:4-2:12 What is my true identity? WatchListenPDF
Sunday 5/17 2:13-25 What is a Christian understanding of Hierarchy? WatchListenPDF
Sunday 5/24 3:1-7 And for those of you who are married…WatchListenPDF
Sunday 5/31 3:8-18
How can I be truly free? WatchListenPDF
Due to time, this section was not included in the 5/31 sermonWatchListen
Sunday 6/07 4:1-11 What does the Christian way of life look like?  Part 2 WatchListenPDF
Sunday 6/14 4:12-19 How should I deal with my suffering and my privilege? WatchListenPDF
Sunday 6/21 5:1-7 Why is the bible always telling me to be humble? WatchListenPDF
5:7-14The Devil, The Day, and the PromiseWatchListen

Then listen to the service every Sunday at https://levpres.org/home-church/ !