Real Hope is not wishful thinking. Real Hope is a way of being in the world that increases your sense of well-being, what you are able to accomplish, and a quiet sense of joy even in the midst of storms and setbacks… even when a Pandemic makes you feel out of control. For the next six Sundays we will teach you the habits, attitudes, and processes that can help you become more resilient and build hope for your future. It will be fun, but you will have to work. In fact, you will get homework! 6 Reasons to Hope will be based on both the latest discoveries in science AND the ancient wisdom of the Scriptures. We hope you can join us!!!

Sept 6#1 Eeyore was Wrong. Watch  Watch
Sept 13#2 The Hope that House Built. Watch Watch 
Sept 20#3 Sunlight, Coffee, and Brown Eyed Susans Watch
Sept 27#4 Born Again  
Oct 4#5 A Day Well Lived  
Oct 11#6 “Yes… I Can Already See The Banner!”